Airplane stairs for passengers

The stairs provide safe boarding and alighting of passengers from airplanes with different height board, which makes them adaptable to different models of aircrafts.

The construction is designed in compliance with Regulation №20 from November 24, 2006 of the Ministry of transport and communications: ”Attestation the operational adequacy of civil airports, airfields, systems and ground support equipment, licensing of airport operators and ground service operators and for access to the ground service market at airports” Appendix № 9 to article 30, par.2, point 1 “Basic functional aircraft ground servicing equipment requirements”.

The safe service both of the facility and from the passengers is provided by:

  • Emergency brake: in case of detachment of the facility from the tug;
  • Frame (basis): made of stainless steel sections;
  • Stairs, levers and hydraulics allowing adjustment of the height of the platform;
  • Mechanical locking of the hydraulic cylinder as a precaution in case of failure of the hydraulic system

The dimensions of the platform are 1200 mm x 1200 mm and the height could be adjusted from 1750 mm up to 2600 mm. The facility is equipped with adjustable guardrails, which allow them to be placed tightly to the aircraft regardless the direction in which the aircraft door is opened.

We can design and manufacture airplane stairs for passengers according to custom requirements.