Armored point duty cabins

Designed to guarantee the necessary protection in case of fire armed assault and provides the necessary conditions for security and surveillance activities. It can be modified to be installed in front of buildings as a check point, as a watch tower, as a facility for establishing a perimeter and suitable for other situations requiring protection and control.

The ballistic steel plates and the bullet-proof glass packs, used in the construction, guarantee a B4+ degree of protection according to the Bulgarian State Standard EN 1063 (7,62x39 mm cartridge of AK47). The loopholes, mounted in the walls, allow counteraction in case of frontal or sideways attack.

Loading and unloading of the armored point duty cabin can be carried out by a crane or fork-lifter.

The production processes are controlled in accordance to the current quality management systems ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110.

Technical specifications:

  • Degree of protection: (7,62 x 39 mm cartridge) according to the Bulgarian State Standard EN 1063;
  • Outer dimensions (not including the air conditioning system): lenght: 1960 mm; width: 1860 mm; height: 2800 mm;
  • Inner dimensions: lenght: 1420 mm; width: 1420 mm; height: 2200 mm;
  • Net weight: 1660 kg

The above specifications refer to a basic model. The point duty cabins could be produced in accordance to the requirements of the customer.