Metal wardrobe

The wardrobe is a metal construction made of cold bended sheet. It is composed of left side, right side, backside, bottom and a roof. It is divided into two sections through a central partition. Each compartment is divided by two additional shelves. At the front side are installed two doors. The doors are made of external and internal sheet. They are 28 mm wide and fixed to the frame of the wardrobe by two hinges “F12”. Each door is equipped with lock and latch.


  • Length – 300 mm
  • Height – 1700 mm
  • Width  - 600 mm

External coating:

  • Primer thickness from 0,08 up to 0,1 mm
  • Paint thickness from 0,07 up to 0,09 mm

The total thickness of the coating is from 0,15 up to 0,19 mm.
The wardrobe is attached to a substructure on the deck. This substructure is a metal frame made of cold bended profiles. The height is in compliance with the declination of the deck. The wardrobe is welded at a certain location.

Depending on the demands the wardrobes could be made of steel or aluminum.