Mobile residential module

The residential module is developed on the basis of a standard 20 f` container. It is designed for accommodation of refugees and people affected by natural disasters.

Dimensions of the container:

  • Length – 6058 mm
  • Width – 2438 mm
  • Height – 2591 mm
  • Weight (fully equipped) – 2950 kg
  • Power supply from external network – 220V/380V; 50Hz

It can operate in the following weather conditions:

  • Temperature range from - 40°С up to +50°С
  • Wind speed – 60 m/s
  • Snow load – 2,5 kN/m2


  • Steel profile construction with standard 20 f`  container dimensions, coated with corrugated steel cladding
  • Floor made of steel profiles, insulation materials, under floor sheet iron and waterproof plywood withstanding loading capacity of 1,25 kN/m2
  • Walls made of corrugated steel cladding and insulation panels providing loading capacity of 0,5 kN/m2, non-flammable, self-extinguishing material insulation
  • Ceiling made of steel profiles and sheet iron with insulation providing loading capacity of 1,25 kN/m2
  • Fire precautions – non-flammable self-extinguishing materials insulation
  • The container is equipped with insulation providing heat transfer coefficient of the floor, walls and ceiling of 0,5 W/m2
  • Soundproofing providing inside noise level of max 45 Db
  • Two PVC windows equipped with side and top openings and external shutters
  • Entrance with dimensions 1250x2100
  • Door equipped with latch
  • Air conditioning system
  • Furnishing – it may include bed, table, chair, wardrobe, nightstand

The electrical installation includes:

  • Possibility for external power supply
  • Electrical panel equipped with key, automatic fuses and fault switch
  • Grounding 
  • Lighting
  • Electrical sockets