Mobile water station 


The mobile water station is developed on the basis of a standard 20 f` container. It is designed for transportation of drinking water.


  • External diameter – 2412 mm
  • Overall length – 6000 mm
  • Length of the casing – 4720 mm
  • Full - 25м3

Technical data of the cistern:

  • The cistern is made as one unit. The casing is made of stainless steel 3 mm thick. The bottoms are in hemispherical shape and made of stainless steel 4 mm thick.
  • It is separated equally by three partitions longwise
  • Equipped with pipelines for upper loading
  • 75 mm diameter pipe is welded to the basis of the front hemispherical bottom with gravity drain purpose. The outer edge of the pipe ends with nozzle mounting for installing spiral hose 75 mm in diameter which is placed in a tin with a cover
  • The cistern is fixed to a frame construction through no less than 8 pieces of supporting
  • Heat-insulated with polyurethane 50 mm thick and lining of galvanized steel 0,6 mm width over the whole external surface of the cistern
  • On top of the manhole is placed second smaller manhole for upper loading. On the flanges of the manhole and the cover are mounted elements allowing sealing

Technical data of the additional equipment:

  • Pipelines with 2 mm thickness, diameter 160 mm and 4500 mm long
  • Hoses made of polymeric material 4570 mm long and 75 mm in diameter equipped with connectors
  • Drain fittings; exhauster valve; locking and sealing devices
  • The equipment meets all ADR requirements

The cistern can operate in the following weather conditions:

  • Temperature range from - 40°С up to + 50°С
  • Wind speed – 60 m/s
  • Snow load – 2,5 kN/m2

Safety requirements:

  • The product could not have sharp, bulged and hurtful elements
  • The materials from which the product is made of could not cause any allergic reactions